What is an A-Level? (Business)

An A-Level is an Advanced level GCSE qualification. This exam is normally taken after two years of A-Level study, after you have taken your O-Level exams. You can take any number of A-Levels; this will often depend on the qualifications that your chosen institution has asked for.

Why should I take an A-Level Business Subject? (Business)

Good A-Level results can give you access to undergraduate studies at some of the best higher education learning institutions of the world like UOL, other foreign and National Universities. A-Level qualifications can also give you access to professional and vocational courses. (i.e Barrister-at-Law, ACCA, BBA)

Can I take an A-Level? (Business)

You can take an A-Level if you have a GCSE qualification (usually in the same subject that you want to study at A-Level; however, some A-Levels are not available as GCSE subjects, such as theatre studies, psychology and politics)

Subjects Offered: Tuition for a number of subjects is currently offered by the Academy. The tuition is provided by well reputed Barristers and professional teachers through Microsoft Power Point presentation and other teaching aids.


The Academy has a strong commitment to enhance the quality of the tuition, which is regularly monitored by the Academy authority.

 * A-Levels also provide opportunity for those who do not qualify for admission into the LL.B (Hons) directly and BBA.

 * The Academy has a well reputed foreign qualified faculty Members.